Wilderness Feeders

NF16 NF16 Wilderness Freds 16" Metal Finch Feeder

Wilderness Freds 16" Metal Finch Feeder. Hangs. Black Metal tube with silver cap

FTMFTM Mini Fly Thru

Mini Fly Thru. Screen bottom and a cardinal favourite. Measures 9 x 13 x 9¾. All screws. Made in Canada

OR-H No leak oriole feeder with wasp guards

Hanging oriole feeder, built in wasp/bee guards, strong perches, ergonomic perches, clear reservoir, ant moat, brass hanger, pole mountable. Designed and owned by Canadians

HM-HNo leak hummingbird feeder with bee guard receptacles

Hanging hummingbird feeder, brass "Big Mouth" Hanger, Ant Moat, Ergonomic perch, receptacles for bee guards, easy fill, easy clean, easy open lid with reinforced perch. Pole mountable

HHHHand Held Hummingbird Feeder™

This hummingbird feeder is to be used in conjunction with a free standing hummingbird feeder.

BTF-4BTF 4 Wilderness Freds Metal Lantern feeder

Wilderness Freds Metal lantern seed feeder. Measures 7" diameter x 7" tall.


PLATPLAT Fly Thru large with screen bottom

Fly Thru large with screen bottom. Worlds best Cardinal feeder! Large Platform Fly Thru Feeder. All screws. Screen bottom. Measures 19 x 14 x 16 tall. Made in Canada

LSSLR LSSLR Solar lit Lil Shanty cedar fly thru feeder

Wilderness Feeders Solar lit Lil Shanty cedar fly thru feeder with perch porch. Screen bottom

Measures 8½ x 8 x 12 tall