Erva & Nature House

FPDUO  Double pole arm for 1" tubular pole

Wrought iron 2 arm pole top attachment. Finial topper included. Works with our 1" diameter poles

FPTRIOTriple pole arm for 1" tubular pole

3 Arm Pole Top Hanger Attachment for 1" poles. Made of Wrought Iron. Black.

FPQUADQuad. pole arm for 1" tubular pole

4 Arm Pole Top Hook. Made of Wrought Iron. Black in colour.


ERTRIOExtended arm triple top

Triple Extended Arm for 1" poles. The 22" distance makes it impossible for squirrels to reach over and bypass the closing mechanisms found on today's squirrel proof feeders. Made with 3/8 square steel. Powder coated black. No tools required for installation. Cases of 4 only please.

FP1GSXGround socket (for 1" pole)

15" Extended Ground Socket. Fits 1" poles. Black metal.



17" & 24"Wall Hanger 7/16" stock

HF3 Wall arms


12"  and 8"Wall Hook 3/8" stock. Hand forged wall mounted hanger made of 3/8" square steel stock.

DETOURDetourant ant moat

Simply turn the Detourant upside down and fill it with water, then turn it upright in order to fill the bottom reservoir. Hang the Detourant moat, and suspend your nectar feeder below this dome. The interior water-well barrier prevents ant access to the nectar. The design traps condensation so water remains in the well for much longer than in an open most--even in extreme heat.

BA4GBird Bath with metal stand

Bird Bath with metal stand. 17" Pole Mounted Bird Bath - Green

BA7WCoil pole mounted  bird bath with  metal hanger

Coil pole mounted  bird bath with  metal hanger- Green

RSGRTSteel Weather Guard

All weather guard made of 20 gauge galvanized steel with brass hardware. This red tint weather guard is best used to protect hummingbird nectar feeders from rain, sun and the other elements. The weather guard is 14" in diameter and a 1½" brass S hook is included.

SB5 sb5 web small

Green hanging metal disk baffle. 21" diameter.



SB6Break apart squirrel baffle

Wrap around break apart squirrel baffle for poles ½" to 1" diameter. Black in colour. 22½" in diameter

SB8SESB8SE small1

Wrap around Cone Break apart Baffle Scalloped for poles ½" to 1" diameter. Black in colour. Baffle is 18½" diameter.


SB8Smooth Break apart squirrel baffle

Wrap around Cone Baffle smooth. For poles ½" to 1" diameter. Baffle is 17" diameter. Black in colour.

SB7Squirrel baffle for 4x4 post

4 x 4 Cone Baffle. Wrap around and break apart squirrel baffle for 4 x 4 posts. 22½" in diameter. Tan in colour.

SB3sb3 web small

Cylindrical Raccoon Baffle, for 4 x 4 Posts. 28" long and 8" diameter. Tan colour.

SB2Raccoon & squirrel baffle for 1" poles

Cylindrical Raccoon Baffle. For poles ½" to 1-5/8" diameter, 28" long. 8" diameter. black.

SB1DCylinder Squirrel baffle

Dome Top Baffle. Cylindrical Squirrel Baffle for poles ½" to 1-5/8" diameter. 16¾" Long and 6" diameter. black.

POLADPole adapter for threaded bottom feeders

Pole adapter for threaded base feeders. Fits in any of our 1" diameter poles. Fits Droll Yankees, Aspects, Woodlink, and private labeled tube feeders

SA5PWFive position wall hook

Five way wall bracket. Screws in wall, deck etc..... Can be positioned 5 ways. Holds up to 10 lbs. 17" arm rack from wall. Black

SRB3CLClamp arm, 40" arm clamps on to deck with brass tip

Single Swing Arm with clamp (or screws SRB3SC) . 30" overall maximum height, 37" reach. Black. Brass cap.

SSRB3CLDeck Rail Hanger 26" reach

This clamp-on deck hanger has a single swinging arm. The hanger is on the smaller side with a 20" overall maximum height and a 23" reach. 10 lb maximum weight. Erva deck hangers are made in the US.


SATD91" double shepherds hook

91" Double Shepherds Hook. Black in colour. Made of 1/2" cold-rolled steel.

Orders are welcome in Cases of 10

SATS91" single shepherds hook

91" Single Shepherds Hook. Black in colour. Made of 1/2" cold-rolled steel.

Orders are welcome in Cases of 10

WL13106 WL13106 Deck hanger-Clamp on

Deck Mount Bracket. 31" x 5" x 1.5". Green in Colour.

DP16DP16 small

Purple Martin 3 section telescoping post. Raises and lowers any aluminum house. Galvanized steel. Posi-lock pins hold post in place. Adjusts from 5 - 14 feet after installation. 72-1/4" X 3-1/4" X 2". Approx. 13 lbs.

M12KM12K small

Twelve-compartment martin house includes: Roof perch, Guard rails, Swing-out doors, Winter door stops, mounting bracket & Dri-nest subfloors. House comes in simple-to-assemble kit form. Does not include a pole.

MSS12SSPMartin House with pole and lanyard

The safest rope lanyard elevating system on the market. Lanyard lock stops house instantly on pole if rope is dropped. Features individual doors to allow access to each compartment, roof perch for extra perching room, and guard rails to prevent nestling fall-out.

SUET2Pole mounted suet basket (fits 1" pole)

Pole Mount Suet Basket. Comes with a clip to attach it to any 1" diameter pole and with screws to mount it on any wood birdfeeder, post, tree or flat surface. Holds 1 standard suet cake. 5" X 5" X 1-1/2". Black.