Caged Feeders


Green round caged tube feeder. 12" diameter. 4 ports and tray with drainage. Includes locking roof cone with aircraft cable wire. 



Red round caged peanut and sunflower feeder. 12" diameter. Includes locking roof cone with aircraft cable wire. 


2543625436 small

Solar caged feeder with modern farmhouse styling. Feeder holds .75 lbs seed. Solar light by night.


Caged 6 Port Seed Tube Feeder. Capacity 1.25 lbs. 11" Dia x 16.5" H

CAGEUniversal  Tube add-a cage

Add a cage. Make your tube feeder into a caged feeder. Wide slot in the top allows for easy fitting of numerous types of hanging feeders. 1" hole in bottom allows for pole mounting. Cage measures 12" in diameter and 16 ½" tall.

CGSUETPole mountable caged suet basket

Caged suet basket that can be either hung or mounted directly onto a 1" steel pole. Measures: 8" tall x 10" diameter.

735Colibris Preserve Caged Feeder

Colibris Preserve Caged Feeder.  Decorative wire. Approx. 15" x 8½". 4 feeding ports. Lid lifts up. Holds 2 pounds of seed.

23814-NA35329NA35329 small

Audubon, 2 port, caged tube bird feeder, copper plated cage has decorative bird & leaf design, ready to hang, no assembly required, 1.5 lb seed capacity. 5”x 5” x 12 ¾”