Bird Baths, Heaters and Ponds


Patio wire bath stand. Comes complete with the 14" diameter geen plastic dish (D14GR) and POP label. The stand works with all Erva 14” diameter bird bath dishes including the heated D14BH dish. Stands 25” above ground.

Made with 5/16" wire ring and 1/4" legs for maximum stability. All USA made.


Galvanized Metal Bird Bath. 2" deep bath. 19" legs. Overall dimensions 18 x 18 x 22

82912-cases of 4 only8291282912 small

10" Flower bird bath with 18 1/2" high yard stake included. Assorted colors, Sunflower & Blue Wild Flower. 27.4" H x 10.5 D

8290682906 small

16" glass red poppy bird bath with folding stands included.
Dimensions: 23" H x 16" x D

8290582905 small

16" glass peacock bird bath with folding stands included.
Dimensions: 23" H x 16" x D

82901-Cases of 4 only82901 small

Hanging bird baths/feeders with 14" chain. Assorted colors, Cobalt Blue, Pink, Purple, & Yellow. 14.2" H x 10" x D

BDT250 Aluminum flat bird bath heater BTD250

Compact and durable aluminum Heating Element. PTFE Non-stick Coating for easy cleaning. Multiple Thermostats for Safe, Optimized Control. 10' anti-rub cord ULus Listed. One year warranty.

783783 small1

Blue antique Mason Jar style bottle. All metal base and feeding ports. Easy to fill and clean. Circular perch invites birds to sit and dine. Glass water container with embossed bird detail. 32 oz. water capacity.32 oz. capacity  2/case

780Water Cooler Bird Waterer

Attract more birds with water! Holds 1.5 qt (1.4 L) of water. Eye catching blue tint water bottle and navy base. Ergonomic handle allows easy filling and carrying. 1.5 qt. capacity

BA7WCoil pole mounted  bird bath with  metal hanger

Coil pole mounted  bird bath with  metal hanger- Green

BA4GBird Bath with metal stand

Bird Bath with metal stand. 17" Pole Mounted Bird Bath - Green


Poly resin bird bath with hand applied weathered stone finish. Includes steel chain with gray powder coat fin12" Hanging Bird Bathish. measures: 12"diameter

HB40012" Heated Bird Bath w/Stand

12" Heated Bird Bath with Stand. 50 Watts, 120 Volts. Ice free water in winter. Heating element hidden under bird bath surface. Year round use. Durable metal stand included. Thermostatically controlled.

14B 14" Heated Bath with EZ deck mount

14" Heated Bath with EZ deck mount. 4 Season Bird Bath. 70 Watts, 120Volts.Tilt to clean. Deck mounting hardware included. Ice free water in winter. Heating element hidden. Mounts to 2x4" rail, or 2x6" rail,  stand included. 14" diameter, 2" depth. 3 Yr. warranty

970  Heated Bird Bath with Stand.

Heated Bird Bath with Stand. 150W, 120V. Sturdy weather-proof Metal stand included. Ice free water in winter. Heating element is hidden. Built-in Auto thermostat. Mounts to wooden deck railings. Approx. size with stand is 21 X 3.5 X 20.5".

HB65020" Heated Bath with EZ Deck

20" Heated Bath with EZ Deck tilt to clean. 150 Watts, 120Volts. Deck mounting hardware incl. Ice free water all winter. Heating element is hidden beneath. 20" diameter, 2" depth. Year round use. Mounts to 2x4" rail or 2x6"

8WWSolar Water Wiggler

Solar powered water wiggler. 1 Year warranty. (Note: this one does not glow at night)

4WWWater wiggler

Water Wiggler. Use year round, to attract birds. Easy to install, no wiring, no plumbing. 2 D-cell batteries needed. Silent and 6 month warranty.

C300Bird Bath Heater & de-icer

Bird Bath de-icer. 200 Watts, 120Volts. Ice free water all winter. Built-in thermostat. Stainless steel guard and auto shut-off. 1 Yr. warranty. Fits all types of bird baths.

FROGfrog log

Once a frog, mouse, or other animal falls into a swimming pool, they instinctively swim toward the pool wall trying to escape.