Audubon Woodlink

25384-Coming in October25384 NEW

Swing Chair Platform Feeder. Holds up to 2 lbs.

24717-Coming in October24717

Adirondack Squirrel Chair. Holds 1 corn cob.

25425-Coming in October25425

Picnic Table Platform Feeder. Holds 1 1/2 bs of seed.

25430-Coming in October25430

Plaid Hopper Feeder with green metal roof. Log cabin design. Holds 5 lbs of seed.

25429-Coming in October25429

Lake & Cabin Plaid Ranch with Suet baskets. Green metal roof. Holds 5 lbs seed and 2 suet cakes

28558-Coming in October28558

Red Canoe Insect Shelter with wall hanger. Paddle motif

25426-Coming in October25426

Bee Lodge with retro sign. For non-stinging mason bees to pollinate your garden. Refillable nesting tubes.

25428-Coming in October25428

Green "A" frame Wren House with metal roof

25424-Coming in October25424

Red Canoe Wren House with paddle motif


Audubon Cedar ranch feeder. 1.5 lb capacity. Dimensions: 8" D x 9" W x 7.88" H. Easy to fill and clean.

2871028710 small

Rustic wren house with tin roof. Unscrew bottom for clean out. Ventilation at roof peak.

28707 28707

Large single chamber Bat House with galvanized roof, rustic stain, and metal bat stamping.

28701 28701

Standard bluebird box with front clean out.

2423324233 small

Rustic bluebird house with tin roof. 1 9/16 hole for Eastern or Western Bluebirds. Easy access side cleanout. Measures 12" x 6.5" x 6". 1.35 lbs

WL31224WL31224 small

Beautiful copper finish. Capacity 1.25 lbs. Dimensions: 10" Dia. x 13" H

2870828708 small

Rustic Farmhouse Tall Hopper Feeder with Metal Rooster Stamping

2463724637 small

Farmhouse Absolute Squirrelproof feeder. Single sided feeding. Placement near windows or walls. Large 15 lb. seed capacity. Durable chew resistant powder coated body. Easy fill and top lock roof.

2870928709 small

Farmhouse Ranch w/ Suet Baskets


82912-cases of 4 only8291282912 small

10" Flower bird bath with 18 1/2" high yard stake included. Assorted colors, Sunflower & Blue Wild Flower. 27.4" H x 10.5 D

8290682906 small

16" glass red poppy bird bath with folding stands included.
Dimensions: 23" H x 16" x D

8290582905 small

16" glass peacock bird bath with folding stands included.
Dimensions: 23" H x 16" x D

82901-Cases of 4 only82901 small

Hanging bird baths/feeders with 14" chain. Assorted colors, Cobalt Blue, Pink, Purple, & Yellow. 14.2" H x 10" x D

23890/NAW32GL23890 small

Glass drinker provides clean drinking water for wild birds.360 perch view LARGE capacity 32 oz. Dimensions: 7.88 x D x 8.25" H Weight: 1.49

35260-Now in Stock35260 small

The Mini Magnet™ offers a full 360° weight-activated perch, designed to support birds but collapses under the weight of squirrels and shutting off seed access.

3224032240 small1

Orange Metal feeder. Holds a variety of seeds, mealworms, jelly and fruit. Dimensions: 5.25" Dia x 10" H

3223532235 small

Blue Metal feeder. Holds a variety of seeds, mealworms, jelly and fruit. Dimensions: 5.25" Dia x 10" H



Recycled plastic Window Feeder. Capacity varies by seed type. Suction cups for secure window mounting with metal screen bottom. Dimensions: 6.5" D X 8" W 8" H


The side latch makes for easy filling of suet, seed blocks, fruit, or bird nesting materials. Capacity 1 suet cake, made with durable powder coated metal construction. Dimensions: 2" D x 5.5" W x 5.5" H


Double sided to feed more birds. Large capacity 6 lbs seed. Dimensions: 9.125" D x 9.75" W x 12.75" H