Poles, Hooks & Hardware

FPWF4FPWF4 small

12" Quick Connectâ„¢ hook with large radius. Goes on with a twist. No tools required. Very sturdy. Made with 3/8" rod. Fits our 1" Diameter Poles. (replaces FPUNO which has been discontinued)

HP65HP65 small

65" tall Hummingbird Pole.  Black in colour, with red vinyl cap.

WL13109WL13109 Woodlink Wall hook

Woodlink Wall hook. measures: 19.25"W x .625"D x 9"H

WL13107WL13107  5 position screw in wall hook

Woodlink 5 position screw in wall hook. Feeder not included. measures: 25"W x 6.25"H

WL13106 WL13106 Deck hanger-Clamp on

Deck Mount Bracket. 31" x 5" x 1.5". Green in Colour.

LC18LC24 Droll Yankees Feeder chain

Droll Yankees Feeder chain.18" jack chain with snap-close lock. Made of rust-resistant plated steel. Stays dependably in place. Jumping squirrels can’t knock feeders down.

STMOUNTMount for 4x4 post

Steel Mount for 4x4 post. Measures: 6" L x 2" D x 6" H

SUET2Pole mounted suet basket (fits 1" pole)

Pole Mount Suet Basket. Comes with a clip to attach it to any 1" diameter pole and with screws to mount it on any wood birdfeeder, post, tree or flat surface. Holds 1 standard suet cake. 5" X 5" X 1-1/2". Black.

ORFDRBlack Metal Oriole or woodpecker Feeder

Black Metal hanging Oriole/Woodpecker Feeder. Holds 4 pieces of fruit or suet balls



BA7WCoil pole mounted  bird bath with  metal hanger

Coil pole mounted  bird bath with  metal hanger- Green

SATS91" single shepherds hook

91" Single Shepherds Hook. Black in colour. Made of 1/2" cold-rolled steel.

Orders are welcome in Cases of 10

SATD91" double shepherds hook

91" Double Shepherds Hook. Black in colour. Made of 1/2" cold-rolled steel.

Orders are welcome in Cases of 10

SSRB3CLDeck Rail Hanger 26" reach

This clamp-on deck hanger has a single swinging arm. The hanger is on the smaller side with a 20" overall maximum height and a 23" reach. 10 lb maximum weight. Erva deck hangers are made in the US.


SRB3CLClamp arm, 40" arm clamps on to deck with brass tip

Single Swing Arm with clamp (or screws SRB3SC) . 30" overall maximum height, 37" reach. Black. Brass cap.

SA5PWFive position wall hook

Five way wall bracket. Screws in wall, deck etc..... Can be positioned 5 ways. Holds up to 10 lbs. 17" arm rack from wall. Black

RT2DClamp on deck hook

Double arm fixed bracket. 36-1/2" tall 13" arm reach. Clamp mount.

RT2CLClamp on deck hook

Clamp on Deck Hook. Wrought Iron made of 7/16" square steel stock. Single arm fixed bracket. Approx. size is 36-1/2" tall, 13" reach.



17" & 24"Wall Hanger 7/16" stock

HF3 Wall arms


12"  and 8"Wall Hook 3/8" stock. Hand forged wall mounted hanger made of 3/8" square steel stock.

WL13207Window glass Hang-Up.

Window glass Hang-Up. Capacity of holding a feeder with up to 5lbs. of seed. 2.5" x 7.25" x 11.5". Clear.

EGR4Extension hooks w/ 2" hook openings





4", 6", 12", 18" and 24" Extension Hook. Heavy duty "S" hook made of 1/4" steel wire . 2" opening so they are good for 2x2 arbours etc.

EH12EHSERIESm small1



4", 6" and12" Extension Hook. Heavy duty "S" hook made of 1/4" steel wire with green vinyl caps.

WL13102WL13102 Woodlink 24" limb hook

Woodlink 12" limb hook


12" Branch Hook

BH24 24" Branch Hook

24" Branch Hook

BH3636" limb hook

36" Branch Hook

FINCA FINCA Cardinal Finial

Cardinal shape finial. Decorative top for FP Poles. red metal

FINIALClassic Finial decorative top

Classic Finial decorative top attachment for FPDUO, FPTRIO, and FPQUAD. Black plastic.

FP2NFStandard 74" pole with 1" diameter

Standard powder coated black 74" steel pole with 1" diameter. Very versatile with lots of available add on components shown on this page

RTWF1Coil arm for 1/2" shepherds hook

Coil Hanger, Goes on with a twist. No tools required! Fits 1/2" diameter shepherds poles round or square.