Trays & Domed Trays

2538425384 NEW

Swing Chair Platform Feeder. Holds up to 2 lbs.

10201020 small

Squirrel Buster Tray. 20" diameter. Fits 7/8" to 1" poles. Split tray. Drainage. Adjustable collars.  Lifetime Warranty.

GTSM GTSM HANG Cedar Ground and Hanging Tray

Cedar Ground and Hanging Tray, with galvanized metal tray. Comes with white rope for hanging on trees or hooks. Fold-out legs for ground feeder. Approx. size is 13½" x 13½" x 2½"

CATCHCATCH HANG 4 way tray pole

4 way tray pole 17 ½" square. Four Way Seed Catcher Tray. Wood tray, with galvanized metal tray.

1. Hangs from tree or hook.

2. Fold-out legs for ground feeder.

3. Mount on post.

4. Pole mount for catch tray.

( FPTNH flange required for pole mounting)


PLAT1-WKPLAT1 Woodlink Hanging tray feeder

Woodlink Hanging tray feeder. measures: 10"L x 9.75" D x 2.5" H

3232532325 Woodlink Going Green Platform

Woodlink Going Green Platform- Light Green. Made out of recycled plastic. Capacity varies by type of seed. Galvanized screen bottom. measures: 8.75" D x 11" W x 1.5" H


This feeder is perfectly sized for everyone’s favorite small songbird. 

X1 X1 Droll Yankees Seed Saver

Droll Yankees Seed Saver. Small covered dish feeder. Adjustable dome. 7" diameter. Capacity of .75lbs. Lifetime warranty. Brass rod for hanging.. UV stabilized polycarbonate.

BTGBTG Droll Yankees. Green Big Top feeder

Droll Yankees. Green Big Top feeder. Safety-lock hook. Brass rod. Rain guard with O-ring. 15" diameter adjustable dome, protects from weather. UV stabilized polycarbonate. Has seed bowl. 8 feed ports. Lifetime warranty.

DCFDCF measures: 19" tall x 15" diameter

Droll Yankees Dorothy's Cardinal feeder. Capacity: 1 lb. of seed, Mounting: May be hung or pole mounted. Construction: UV Stabilized Polycarbonate and brass rod. measures: 19" tall x 15" diameter

278A278 Aspects Vista Dome

Aspects Vista Dome. Fully adjustable dome height. Lifetime guarantee. 8½ " Tray. Capacity of 1¼ quarts. 12" dome. Stainless steel and solid brass hardware.