CC-XF400CC XF400G Christmas Blend Coffee

Christmas Blend Coffee. 400 grams per package. No pesticides or chemicals are used. Fair Trade. Shade Grown. Bird Friendly. Fair Trade.

CC-FRF400CC FRF400G French Roast

French Roast. This clean, smooth coffee is French roasted to a strong dark finish. Satisfy that desire for a deep roast taste without the burnt flavor with this rich, Fair-trade coffee. French Roast Coffee. 400 grams. Shade grown. Bird Friendly.

CC-HCDF400GCCHCDF400G Dark Indulgence Hot Chocolate

Dark Indulgence Hot Chocolate. The ultimate treat for lovers of dark chocolate. Deep & rich, an experience to savor. Organic & Fair trade production make for a guilt-free pleasure. Shade-grown cocoa means the migratory birds are as happy as you will be. Dark Indulgence Hot Chocolate. 400 grams. Bird Friendly. Fair Trade. Shade Grown.