16.5” Long-handled brush with Curved bristles to clean the bottom of most feeders. Will fit minimum 1” opening.
· Curved bristles to thoroughly clean bottom of feeder
· Fits minimum bottle openings of 1”
· Hang it up with the handy hanger at the top

B129C Now Available Again!B129C small1

2 in 1 Hummingbird Brush. Large brush cleans nectar bottle and small brush cleans nectar bottle socket.


Convenient, comes in a package of 3 brushes. Great for use in the small ports of hummingbird and oriole feeders. Helps prevent the spread of bacteria in nectar feeders.  Helps prevent the spread of illness in birds

B122C Three way hummingbird feeder cleaning brushes

Hummingbird Brush Kit. Cleans stem, or opening of feeder flowers. Cleans nectar bottles, and feeder bottle bases.

SE603SE603 small

Cleans all tubular feeders.  Long soft flexible bristles will not scratch feeder. 24″ long brush. (replaces BFB brush)