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Independent Wild Bird Store Quality Seed


Mill Creek Seed Co. Seed is sold in most specialty wild bird stores across Canada!





Our bags are oxo-Biodegradable

No cover gases in our bags

Our seed has no added Malathion

Made in small batches for maximum freshness

Our seed is made with non-GMO ingredients

Seasons Woodland™

10, 20, 40 lbs

After several years of research we have discovered that birds tend to live in either wooded areas, urban settings or open meadows.

10, 20, 40 lbsSquirrelFree Squirrel Free™ Blend non-gmo

Squirrel Free® is an all natural mix of bird seed that is attractive to birds and squirrels do not like it. We have had reports that grackles are also not attracted to this blend.

Garden Friendly™

10, 20, 40 lbs

In the spring most people who feed the birds will realize the misery of cleaning the mess from around their feeders as a result of several months worth of shell build up. In the spring this debris gets quite smelly and ugly.

Old Mill Blend wild bird seed non-gmo

10, 20, 40 lbs

Old Mill Mix is one of our founding formulations. It was originally intended to be used as a winter offering. It is high in carbohydrates to help birds maintain and generate body heat in the winter. It can be used all year and works well in all feeder types.

10, 20, 40 lbsTriple Delight non-gmo wild bird seed

The three most attractive ingredients to eastern birds are black oil sunflower, striped sunflower and fresh roasted and unsalted peanuts. This formula will attract over 60 different birds to eastern Canadian feeders.

10, 20, 40 lbsMM small

This simple blend contains the two most attractive ingredients. Non-GMO black oil sunflower and roasted (unsalted) peanut halves.

Muskoka Blend

10, 20, 40 lbs

Muskoka blend is a practical year round formulation. This is a good blend for all locations and feeder types. Many different Canadian birds will be attracted to this formula.

10, 20, 40 lbsTown & Country Blend™ non-gmo wild bird seed

Town and Country is a highly attractive blend of seeds. Because of the nature of the seed, it is not attractive to Starlings. It is also one of the cleanest blends on the market.

10, 20, 40 lbsSeasons Urban Bird™ non-gmo wild bird seed

This formula is specifically blended for birds in urban residential areas. We have considered established neighbourhoods and new developments when we were doing research to create Seasons Urban Bird®.

10, 20, 40 lbsCardinal Blend non-gmo bird seed

Attract Canada’s favourite birdto your backyard with our cardinal blend. This is a simple mix of black oil sunflower and safflower. Cardinals prefer to eat on a platform feeder and ideally near the ground.

1,2,5,10, 20, 40 lbwild finch non gmo wild bird seed

Wild finch blend is designed specifically for finches. Our blend has ingredients that attract finches. Additionally, the size of our ingredients allows free flow through the small portholes in all finch feeders.

NyChip smallNiChip™ is a blend of premium Thistle seed and fine hulled sunflower. This is a non-GMO blend. Works well in finch feeders and thistle socks.

DK5DK5 small

We are now offering a seasonal treat for people who wish to feed ducks and swans at the local park. These are highly nutricious and palletable. This product will only be available during the spring and summer. This may not be non-GMO


COBCorn Cobs

Box of cobbed corn in assorted sizes. Product of Canada. NON-GMO

More about Mill Creek Seed Co.®

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Mill Creek Seed Co. is a family business specializing in wild bird food. Every blend has been specially formulated using only the finest and most attractive ingredients. There is no doubt that  no other bird seed supplier has taken as much time and effort to formulate their mixes.