Baffles, Domes & Trays


Cylindrical Raccoon Baffle. For poles 1/2 Inch to 1 3/4" Inch diameter, 28 Inches long. 8 Inch diameter. black.

Déflecteur de raton laveur cylindrique. Pour poteaux de 1/2 po à 1-5/8 pouces de diamètre, 28 pouces de long. 8 pouces de diamètre. noire.


467A (feeder not included)467A

The HummZinger Dome in a 12″ diameter dome that can be used with any hanging hummingbird feeder for protection from the elements.  This dome comes with a Lifetime Guarantee that covers the function of the item against manufacturer defects.



SB8Smooth Break apart squirrel baffle

Wrap around Cone Baffle smooth. For poles ½" to 1" diameter. Baffle is 17" diameter. Black in colour.

SB8SESB8SE small1

Wrap around Cone Break apart Baffle Scalloped for poles ½" to 1" diameter. Black in colour. Baffle is 18½" diameter.


24631-BLBAF18Break apart squirrel baffle

18" Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle. 18" x 18" x 7½". Prevents Squirrels and raccoons from getting to your feeder. Made of textured powder-coated steel.

SB1DCylinder Squirrel baffle

Dome Top Baffle. Cylindrical Squirrel Baffle for poles ½" to 1-5/8" diameter. 16¾" Long and 6" diameter. black.

SB1NFlat Top Cylinder Squirrel baffle

Flat Top Baffle. Cylindrical Squirrel Baffle for poles ½" to 1-5/8" diameter. 16-3/4" Long and 6" diameter. black.

SB2Raccoon & squirrel baffle for 1" poles

Cylindrical Raccoon Baffle. For poles ½" to 1-5/8" diameter, 28" long. 8" diameter. black.

SB3sb3 web small

Cylindrical Raccoon Baffle, for 4 x 4 Posts. 28" long and 8" diameter. Tan colour.

24630-BLBAFFLERSmall Break apart squirrel baffle

Small metal baffle. measures:14" Dia. x 5¼"H. Will fit both shepherds hooks and 1" poles

SB7Squirrel baffle for 4x4 post

4 x 4 Cone Baffle. Wrap around and break apart squirrel baffle for 4 x 4 posts. 22½" in diameter. Tan in colour.

SB6Break apart squirrel baffle

Wrap around break apart squirrel baffle for poles ½" to 1" diameter. Black in colour. 22½" in diameter

SB5 sb5 web small

Green hanging metal disk baffle. 21" diameter.



RSGRTSteel Weather Guard

All weather guard made of 20 gauge galvanized steel with brass hardware. This red tint weather guard is best used to protect hummingbird nectar feeders from rain, sun and the other elements. The weather guard is 14" in diameter and a 1½" brass S hook is included.

1026Squirrel Buster Plus Weather Guard

Polycarbonate weather guard for the 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus. UV Protected. Weatherproof. Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty.

264Aspects Weatherdome

Weatherdome. 12" universal dome. Protects any feeder from rain or snow. Lifetime guarantee.

281Tube top

Tube Top. Lifetime guarantee.  2¾" Tubes protects from rain and snow. No hardware required. Feeder not included

182Aspects Super Dome

Super Dome. 18" diameter. Largest clear dome. Use with any brand's large hanging feeders to protect from rain, snow, and squirrels. Lifetime guarantee. Molded from UV stabilized polycarbonate. Metal hardware is solid brass or stainless steel. Feeder not included

351Aspects Super Tube Top

Super Tube Top II. Huge 18" diameter dome, protects from rain, snow & squirrels. For 2¾" to 4" diameter feeders. Slip over bail wire. No hardware needed. Lifetime guarantee. UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic. Metal hardware is solid brass or stainless steel. Feeder not included

340Hanging and pole baffle

Clear Squirrel Baffle. hangs above feeder or pole mounts below feeder. 16" diameter. hardware is included. Pole size is ¾" to 1¼" outside diameter. Feeder not included

050Aspects Round Seed Tray

This 8½" x 1" deep tray fits all Aspects' 2¾" diameter feeders. Attaches to feeder simply and quickly. lifetime warranty

423AAspects Big Foot Tray

This 12" x 1" deep tray attaches to all Aspects' tubular feeders. As a bonus, supplied hardware enables this tray to be used for most other brands of tubular feeders. lifetime warranty

383A (Swirl Dome)Swirl Dome & Swirl Tray

380A (Swirl Tray)

Swirl Dome. Lifetime guarantee. 14" diameter. Place dome over bail wire, no hardware required. Dome molded of UV stabilized polycarbonate Fits all 2¾" diameter tube feeders.

Swirl Tray. Lifetime guarantee. Swirl tray eliminates waste by catching seed. 10" diameter. Polycarbonate. Metal Bushing. Decorative finial.

SEIA30034 (16" small)Seed Hoop

SEIA30024 (24" medium)

SEIA13921 ( 30" large)

Seed Hoop catches seed the birds spill from your feeder Seed Hoop attaches to your feeder with 6 sturdy cords. Feeder not included


SDSCRLawn saver saucer

Made of durable polypropylene suspended by corrosion-proof chains and s-hooks. Protects your yard from weeds by catching fallen birdfeed. Made in Canada