January 2023

  • Brome BirdsUp® pole systems are expected in May. We will keep you posted if they arrive earlier.
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the BFB brush.
  • BFB small


October  2022

  • Perky Pet 50182 has been discontinued 50182 small


September  2022

  • New tube feeders and tray from Brome Bird Care


July  2022

  • Good News: Squirrel Buster trays 1020 back in stock 1020 small
  • Squirrel Buster Peanut feeders 1053 are back in stock!1052



June  2022

  • You will notice over the next few months that we will be returning to the origial Canadian spelling of Niger for the grain Guizotia abyssinica rather than the American spelling. 
  • Woodstream / Perky Pet has discontinued the 363 Birds and Berries feeder 363 small


May  2022

Avian Flu Update

  • The Canadian government is suggesting that it is fine to feed the birds   unless you live near a factory poultry farm or are close to a known outbreak. Most of the outbreak is located in factory farms with thousands of bird housed in cramped facilities.
  • Avian Influenza does not affect all bird species in the same way; while it can cause severe illness and death in domestic poultry flocks, it is currently not considered a disease threat to feeder birds.
  • Interestingly, very few of infected the birds are "feeder birds"
  • Consumers should clean their feeders regularly with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water or 10% chlorine bleach solution (rinse thouroughly after cleaning).
  • See the link below for the flu tracker.

CFIA Avian Flu Tracker Note: the factory farms are shown as stars and the wild birds are shown as circles


April  2022

  • Known price increases coming
    • Woodlink / Panacea   June 1st
    • Brushtech                  June 1st
    • Miller Mfg                   June 1st
    • Woodstream / Perky Pet August 1st


  • Good seed news: "According to USDA, growers intend to plant 1.42 million acres of sunflowers in 2022, up 10% from 2021."
  • Vapona Strips have been discontinued Vaponapkg
  • Erva has discontinued the BBB bird bath brush (some still in stock) BBB
  • Woodstream/Perky Pet has discontinued the 366 Garden Tulip Feeder 366 small
  • USDA reports that sunflower planting intentions are flat. They were hoping for more acres to be planted. This will put pressure on sunflower pricing. Make sure your retail prices are at the current market levels.


March  2022

  • Squirrel Buster 1106 Suet feeders are back in stock
  • Squirrel Buster 1055 Mini Mini Squirrel BusterBack in stock
  • We are suggesting you subsitute the Erva PAT1 patio basefor the PAT3 in the short term. Erva has had difficulty securing the flat sheet metal for the bottom of the PAT3.


  • Seed news: The Russian invasion of Ukraine has driven up prices on many commodities. Ukraine is a major supplier of sunflowers to the world. Additionally, Russia is a major supplier of grains and fertilizer. 


February  2022

  • The 8136-2 vintage waterer has been discontinued by Woodstream/Perky Pet 8136 2 small


January 2022

  • The WF Hummingbird feeder has been discontinued due to expired mold  HM H small1
  • Aspects 153A now back in stock 153A small
  • The 484G Saturn Suet ball feeder has been discontinued. 484 small


October 2021

  • Woodstream/Perky Pet has discontined the 365 Antique copper lantern


July 2021

  • Woodstream/Perky Pet has discontined the 391PINE 


May 2021

  • Songbird Essentials has discontinued the SE633 Ready to Use nectar.


April 2021

  • Aspects has discontinued the 393A and the 396A tall nickel tube feeders and all of their thermometers.


March 2021

  • Woodstream/Perky Pet has discontined the 550 and 570 feeders  550 small  570 small
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the FF fruit feeder and WW2 warning web FF small1   WW small1


January 2021

  • Aspects has discontinued the 278 Vista Dome
  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the GS, AMO and JG. The DCF will now come in a plain carton
  • Note: Couriers are much slower than usual this season. They are backed up so much that they only pick up 3 days per week and many packages are sitting in trailers at their facilities for a while before getting processed. They are all working overtime and weekends to try to catch up.
  • Seed news:
    • Black oil sunflower is in high demand worldwide for bird seed and oil purposes due to a poor crop in Europe. Farmers are holding inventory hoping for higher prices and processors are weeks behind in packaging due to demand. Be careful with your stock and dont sell off to other stores.
    • Striped sunflower is in high demand from the confectionary market so supply is tight and some offerings are poorer than we wish.
    • White millet had a smaller crop so supply will be tight for the entire year. Otherwise new crop looks good. We have secured some European millet so supply will be safe.
  • Both Woodlink and Perky Pet/Woodstream/Yule Hyde are offering a number of new products. Supplies will be available spratically. Check our new products page as they arrive. There are some great new items!
  • Woodstream/Perky Pet has discontinued the:     363R Perky-Pet 363R Red Sparkle Lantern Bird Feeder: Amazon.ca: Patio, Lawn &  Garden     363B 363B small      736736 small    81378137 2 small    CNCD000351cncd00351 small    GMR001GMR001 small

November 2020

  • Droll Yankees has discontinued the SIL-W and LC18
  • Many vendors continue to struggle to product products. Some have reported that they are choosing to only make top sellers.
  • Shipments for many suppliers out of India and China are having problems getting containers and space on vessels. This continues to slow inventory re-stocking
  • 1106 and 1082 Squirrel Busters are out of stock for a few more weeks.

  •   Perky Pet will be updating the 217 window hummingbird feeder later this spring. Here is the new look:

217 change

  • Check out the Squirrel Buster Standard in action. Click Here