New Products

SSB0345D-(order 1 to get a set of 3)SSB vert small

Set of 3. Shimmering, festive design looks just like an ornament. Powder-coated, all metal mesh construction. Solar powered LED light illuminates feeder at night. Available for Christmas season Only

CNCD003512PPcncd00351 small

No plastic, No wood. Circular seed tray & mesh attract clinging & perching birds. Evenseed design dispenses seed evenly throughout the feeder. Powder-coated finish offers rust-resistance for durability. Large overhang provides shelter and shade for birds. Holds up to 1.7 lb of seed


YSSF00347YSSF00347 small

Powder-coated all-metal construction resists squirrels. Easy twist-off top for convenient, mess-free filling. Circular seed tray and mesh surface for clinging and perching. Large overhang provides shelter and shade for birds. Holds up to 0.7 lb of thistle seed.

WSQWSQ small

Munch Box and Screw in corn cob feeder for squirrels. (cob not included). 12" x 5" x 6½" Made in Canada.

WBUWBU small

Cedar Butterfly House. Measures 12" x 11" x 7". Made in Canada. 12" x 11" x 7"

25384-Coming in October25384 NEW

Swing Chair Platform Feeder. Holds up to 2 lbs.

24717-Coming in October24717

Adirondack Squirrel Chair. Holds 1 corn cob.

25425-Coming in October25425

Picnic Table Platform Feeder. Holds 1 1/2 bs of seed.

25430-Coming in October25430

Plaid Hopper Feeder with green metal roof. Log cabin design. Holds 5 lbs of seed.

25429-Coming in October25429

Lake & Cabin Plaid Ranch with Suet baskets. Green metal roof. Holds 5 lbs seed and 2 suet cakes

28558-Coming in October28558

Red Canoe Insect Shelter with wall hanger. Paddle motif

25426-Coming in October25426

Bee Lodge with retro sign. For non-stinging mason bees to pollinate your garden. Refillable nesting tubes.

25428-Coming in October25428

Green "A" frame Wren House with metal roof

25424-Coming in October25424

Red Canoe Wren House with paddle motif


Audubon Cedar ranch feeder. 1.5 lb capacity. Dimensions: 8" D x 9" W x 7.88" H. Easy to fill and clean.

28707 28707

Large single chamber Bat House with galvanized roof, rustic stain, and metal bat stamping.


Bug & Nut seed log with centre hole. 7 1/2 Inch x 4 Inch diameter. 930g.

Warblers of the Great Lakes Region and Eastern North America 9781552977095 228x228

A field guide to 48 warblers including 200 color photographs, detailed descriptions of song, habitat and plumage changes according to season and gender. ISBN: 1552977099

Nature Hot Spots-Book110NatureHotSpots small

The best-selling 100 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario now features 10 additional destinations.

Feed the Birds-Chris Earley

9780228102014 228x228

Feed the Birds is designed as a resource for beginners and experienced birdwatchers alike. ISBN: 0228102014

Hawks and Owls of Eastern NA-Chris Earley9781554079995 228x228

With their legendary nocturnal behavior, a preference for remote habitats, changing migratory patterns, and swift flight speeds, birds of prey are particularly difficult to identify and track. ISBN: 1554079993

Sparrows and Finches of the Great Lakes Region and Easterm North America9781552977071 228x228

A field guide to 60 sparrows and finches including 200 color photographs, detailed descriptions of song, habitat and plumage changes according to season and gender. ISBN: 1552977072

Waterflowl of Eastern North America9781554070572 228x228

A well-illustrated field guide to the ducks, geese and shorebirds of Eastern North America. Includes well organized species comparison pages, male-female, seasonal and immature plumage, distinctive markings. Appropriate for novice or experienced birders. ISBN: 1554070589

9781580118187 Please order by Title and ISBN9781580118187

Create a magical ecosystem in your backyard! Invite songbirds, butterflies, bees, and more by nurturing a wildlife habitat garden. With stunning photography, lists of the best plants to support wildlife, and 17 projects the whole family can enjoy, this is a must-have resource for nature enthusiasts, gardeners, and animal lovers.

9781504800846 Please order by Title and ISBN9781504800846

Making your own bird boxes and feeders is a rewarding and environmentally sound way to enhance any garden by attracting birds. This book offers informed advice on siting, nesting, and feeding, along with 17 practical step-by-step construction projects.

9781523500123 Please order by Title and ISBN9781523500123


Paint by Sticker is the most exciting new idea in activity books, both for grown-ups and kids. A compelling activity for crafters and artists, doodlers and colorers of all ages, each Paint by Sticker book includes everything you need to create twelve vibrant, full-color “paintings.”

1106-Coming September1106 small

First ever squirrel proof suet feeder. Holds 2 cakes. Weight adjustable. Grease free handing. Crumb port. Lifetime warranty. UV Stablized.

FPWF4FPWF4 small

12" Quick Connect™ hook with large radius. Goes on with a twist. No tools required. Very sturdy. Made with 3/8" rod. Fits our 1" Diameter Poles (replaces FPUNO which has been discontinued)

2423324233 small

Rustic bluebird house with tin roof. 1 9/16 hole for Eastern or Western Bluebirds. Easy access side cleanout. Measures 12" x 6.5" x 6". 1.35 lbs